The best gift for Mother's Day: A life without AMD

15th June 2024

The best gift for Mother's Day: A life without AMD

A simple eye test can prevent blindness

The leading cause of blindness in people over 50 years of age is age related macular degeneration, also known as AMD. The macula is the part of the retina responsible for sharp vision. Macula lutea is the spot responsible for the sharpest vision, also called yellow spot.

The main causes of vision loss in macular degeneration is the development of new blood wessels in the retina which may cause lose of vision or blindness. An early diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration is extremely important to prevent the loss of vision. The earlier the macular degeneration is diagnosed and treated, the better the result after the treatment of the patients. For patients suffering from macular degeneration, treatments with special drugs can improve vision and even prevent blindness.

First signs of AMD

Distorted vision is a first, very serious sign of a possible macular degeneration. A fast treatment is necessary, because occurred visual losses are difficult to repair and the visual deterioration must be stopped.

Amsler grid

The Amsler grid test

To find out if your mum (or dad, grandparents, friends and family members) suffers from macular degeneration, you can do a simple test at home in front of the computer or a smartphone using the Amsler grid.

The Amsler grid test is an easy way to detect macular degeneration at an early stage. A person with normal, healthy vision will see all straight lines. A person with AMD will see lines that are wavy and distorted. If they see distortions, dark or blurred areas, boxes of different sizes, or bent or distorted lines, please contact us.

We recommend using the Amsler grid - a simple method for detecting early AMD. Show your parents or grandparents this test today and allow them to live a life without vision loss.

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